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We start by doing things differently. From our hiring to our operations. We are a carefully curated team of individuals with the goal to push The Philippines towards the Golden Age of Technology.

About Us

The Founding Team


Vince Ramiro De Vera

Founder & CEO

Vince was born in the Philippines and moved to Silicon Valley at an early age of 7. He has been in the Tech Industry majority of his professional life. His experience includes working as a QA/Simulations Test Engineer for many Artificial Intelligence based companies in the Autonomous Industry with a few being Lyft and Cruise Automation. Afterwards, he explored Web3 and BlockChain. He then built a company with a few of his friends and graduated from TechStars, one of the World's Largest Startup Accelerators. Now, his mission is to help revolutionize The Philippines Mobility and Transportation.

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Aerold Vinze Balboa

Aerold Vinze Balboa

Director of Engineering and Technology

Aerold was born in the Philippines and immigrated to California at the age of 14. He graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a B.S. in Computer Information Systems. His experience in the tech industry includes working as a Software Engineer for a startup that graduated from Techstars, one of the world's largest startup accelerators. He also worked as an Automation Engineer at Resorts World Las Vegas, part of the Genting Group, one of the largest casino/entertainment chains in the world.

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Joshua Psalm Estipona

Joshua Psalm Estipona

Director of Legal and Compliance

Joshua, born and raised in the Philippines, is a legal maverick driven to revolutionize the Philippine car rental industry. Since he became a lawyer at the age of 25, Joshua spent seven years as a private legal practitioner handling cases and projects across various fields of law. Driven by his passion for innovation and technology coupled with his unwavering belief that the digital realm is the future, he is excited to enter the digital frontier equipped by his legal knowledge and be a part of a core team that is laser-focused to transform the car rental industry in the Philippines, by bringing in a new standard of excellence which is fully committed to create a seamless, secured, and user-friendly car rental experience that exceeds customer expectations.

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